Project summer home: Remote controlling water pump with Meross MSS620

Our drinking water is coming out from the well using an industrial grade submersible pump. Every time we come back to the cottage we have to plug in the pump to start the water flow, because I don’t want to keep the pump on all the time to prevent possible water damage while we are away. Not a big issue since the power plug is below the deck with pretty easy access, but it would be even better if it could be remote controlled or even automated later on.

Meross MSS620 WiFi Outdoor socket

I already wrote a post about Meross MSG110) and I’ve been happy with it. At the same time I ordered the garage door opener I also did order an remote controlled outdoor plug (Meross MSS620) to be installed in our cottage.

Meross devices are pretty cheap and so far been working well enough. They have a local HTTP API and connects directly to Meross cloud using MQTT. However, this can be changed to connect to your local MQTT broker instead and disconnect from the cloud totally. So far, I’ve decided to keep the cloud, but most probably at some point I will start using local MQTT broker only.

This device has two sockets that both are remote controllable separately (a positive surprise, specifications did not tell me that). It has a 50cm power cord that is long enough and it is IP64 water proof so definitely can be used for my purposes.

Meross MSS620 IP64 Waterproof dual smart plug

Connecting to Home Assistant

For Home Assistant connectivity I’m using a custom component called Meross LAN. It can be installed and updated through HACS and is being well maintained currently. For example, in the last 2021.08 Home Assistant release there were breaking changes that broke the Meross LAN integration and the integration broke down.. but only for a day. The maintainer fixed the integration very quickly and everything is working great again.

Pairing the Meross device to your LAN need to be done first with the official Meross Software. After that, adding the new integration to Home Assistant and configuring the device ip and vóla, the device is available for the Home Assistant.

Controllable water pump & lights at the cottage (+ everything else )

Bonus: Summer home deck lights

Our cottage deck lights to be connected/disconnected from the socket everytime I want them to turn off/on. Since the Meross Outdoor plug has two sockets, I asked myself why not to connect the deck lights to other empty socket?

So, just plugging the lights into second socket and all is good.. until noticed that 90% of the lights are broken. So need to replace those, but at least the remote control seems to be working nicely 🙂

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  1. Hi! Glad you got your pump working remotely! I also bought the MSS620 and like that it has 2 separate outlets. They are easy to turn on and off separately in the Meross app, but in the automation I made for my deck lights, I don’t seem to be able to access each outlet separately. It turns both outlets on and off at the same time. Do you have any more info that might help? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi!

      First question: Are you using Home Assistant or in where are you creating the automations?

      I’m with Home Assistant and using Meross LAN integration ( on it.

      And then few pointers if using the HA:
      When setting up the MSS620 outlet from that integration I get three outlet entities from the devices: one for both sockets and one for each.
      I’d suggest to re-discover the device from HA to see if it helps. Also if you are using some other integration, you could try the same I’m using.

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