My Retrofitted Smart Home – TODO/wishlist

Following list presents my TODO/wishlist that I would like to add to my smart home sooner or later (not in any particular priority order):

Home Assistant integrations

DIY Hardware/software

  • Automatic blinds control (living room)
  • OnePro Leak Sensor connectivity
  • “Garage” under kitchen cabinets for the Roborock S5
  • WiFi temperature sensor to the summer home
  • Battery powered mailbox sensor using ESP32 + LoRa
  • DIY HotTub WiFi -module
    • Original BWA (Balboa) WiFi module is very poor. Resetting itself all the time and can’t get consistent data out. Might just well create a proper RS485 + ESP8266 module myself.
  • Garage door lights
  • mmWave person detector
  • ModBus reader for mains 3-phase energy meter (Carlo¬†Gavazzi EM340) (Code finalisation + guide to blog still to be done)
  • WLED system to the office shelves