About the blog

This blog is all about converting a old dumb house into a smart one. Mostly just retrofitting without breaking any walls/ceilings/floors and therefore, most of the smart things shown here are wireless.

The blog contains affiliate links (Amazon.de, Amazon.com and SwitchBot) that will earn me few cents when used to buy a product and will keep the blog going. Some of the affiliate links also has built-in discount from the vendor so also the buyer benefits of using those.

Is this blog for me?

If you are in the same situation as I am, living in a “old” house and interested about smart things or trying to convert your house into a smart one, then you might just be in a right place.

Why I’m writing this?

I’m mostly writing the blog for myself, just to keep track of my journey with smarthome. By doing this, there might just come bit and pieces up for readers to take with.


I’m a software engineer born 1983, living in a typical Finnish suburban neighborhood in a house that is build at year 1991.

I’ve been into a smart thing/smart home for some years now and making the house more intelligent is one of my hobbies. Therefore, I’ll try to write about my journey within DIY smart home. I just wish I would have started writing years ago, would have been much easier 🙂

If you wish, you can contact me by email creatingsmarthome@gmail.com