Skoda Connect integration for Home Assistant

For a while now, I’ve been looking for Skoda Connect integration for Home Assistant, but have not found one and have not had time to actually implement it myself.

However, now GitHub user named lendy007 has created one based on volkswagen car net. Heres the link for lendy007s repository

The integration can also be installed through HACS -plugin.

Usage before Home Assistant intergration

Using the Skodas own MySKODA app (previously Skoda Connect) can be really a pain in the ass. It’s very slow and unreliable piece of s***. Gets things done, but not as simple as it should be.

For example, to start combustion heating you have to:

  1. start the app
  2. select vehicle
  3. scroll to Auxiliary Heater
  4. tap the Auxialary Heater
  5. tap start heating
  6. tap start button
  7. enter s-pin or fingerprint

That’s seven steps to start heating! Way too much to be honest. Only good thing is that the app has also departure planner so you can actually schedule your heating.

Usage after Home Assistant integration

Starting a heating is now much easier, just tap Heating -button from Home Assistant interface. Basically just two steps: open Home Assistant and press the button.

Also, now you can also check all kind of information of the car in Home Assistnat interface, including fuel level, last trip stats, door/window/trunk statuses and even outside temperature.

The integration even has a device tracker entity for the car, so you can check the location of the car in real-time and do automations according it.

Possible automations

I’ve not yet added any automatios for this integration, but something that I will add sooner or later:

  • Notify me about low fuel before leaving home
  • Notification if door or window is opened when security mode is set on
  • Maybe even scheduled heating could be set up automatically instead of manually entrying it from MySKODA application
  • Integration to Google Home that I can actually tell Google to start car heating 🙂

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