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Spring is here and summer is just behind the corner. Last weekend it was time to take out the trustworthy Weber Genesis II gas grill from the winter storage and grill the first meal of the year!

That got me thinking, I got the Weber iGrill 3 add-on, but I’ve never actually used it since the mobile software is just too difficult to use: phone needs to be in BT proximity all the time and requires pairing with the iGrill 3. Googled around a bit and bumped into ESP32 software that connects with the iGrill and communicates through MQTT. All the problems with the awful mobile app are solved and data can be seen on Home Assistant!

Flashing the software

The software itself contains very clear step-by-step instructions how to install and use it. Just visit the GitHub project page to see all necessary information. I had one extra ESP32 Wroom Dev kit laying around in the close so decided to utilise that with this project.

iGril v3 + ESP32 as iGrill to MQTT gateway

Integrating with Home Assistant

Integration was just as simple as flashing. After powering up the ESP32 with above software installed the configuration was done through WiFi access point provided by ESP32.

After all the configurations entered and rebooted the ESP32 the iGrill appeared successfully in MQTT integration. One thing about the configuration though, my iGrill is publishing values in Fahrenheit and in Finland we’re using Celsius as temperature measurement unit. I decided to set the conversion directly into ESP32 software so now my ESP32 is publishing values in Celsius. Maybe I need to make the conversion selectable through configurations and make pull request to the author about feature at some point..

Weber iGrill as seen by Home Assistant


Automations.. I wanted the Google Home to inform me by speech when the temperature of selected sensor reaches the set temperature. So, I just added four input sliders from range 50-350 degrees and text-to-speech automation to inform me through Google Home when desired temperature is reached!

There’s also great example configurations for automations in the GitHub project page.


Small and simple project that finally got my smart grill add-on utilised! Big thumbs up for the project creator and developer!

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    1. No I don’t, sorry.
      Anyhow the binary is not very useful, since it depends so much of your ESP devkit/board and it’s very easy to compile by yourself.
      There seems to be quite clear instructions in the GitHub page.

  1. Nice blog post! Just wanted to provide a quick update that the latest version of the esp32_iGrill code will automatically switch the temperature units on the iGrill device to match what the is selected in the config portal.

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