Adax Wifi Heaters

As I wrote in the first post, I have four Adax Wifi Clea heaters located in the living room that does have Wifi, but can’t be integrated into Home Assistant.

However, today everything changed. I was googling around a bit and found out that integration to Adax Wifi heaters existed! I was wondering how can that be, because there’s no API available. I opened the Adax app from my Android phone and found out that Adax had opened up their API for public use! Just magnificent customer service from a Norwegian company.


Integration into Home Assistant was very easy. Just install Adax integration from GitHub or using HACS (method I used).

There’s now an official Adax integration included in Home Assistant from version 2021.08. Configuration is as simple as before:

Create a secret password and get your account ID from Adax app and add integration from Home Assistant integrations UI. All done and it’s working great.

However, all the heaters are grouped into a same entity (because located in a same room). It could be better if the heaters were separate entites.. don’t know yet, time will tell that one 🙂


Anyhow, now that the heaters can be integrated into HA, I really can recommend them! Nice and clean glass panels with Home Assistant Control, what could be better?

Ps. by checking the WiFi device name, it seems that Adax is using ESP8266 modules 🙂

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  1. Hi, do you steel use adax heaters with home assistant?
    I have terrible experience with heaters availability in home assistant.

    1. Hi!

      Yes, I have them still connected, but have also noticed issues with connectivity latest.. I’d guess it’s something to do with their servers.

      1. Thanks for your answers! I feel better now that I am not alone in this….
        Have you tried local adax integration with HA?
        I wonder if that would help

        1. The local integration should solve the issue.

          I have original V1 version of Adax heaters that has no support for local at all, so unfortunately I can’t use/try it myself 🙁

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